Welcome to Parking Patrol

We are a national car park management company specialising in keeping your parking spaces free for you and your customers. We don’t pretend to be the biggest but we do offer an honest down to earth service to our customers.
We are members of the British Parking Association and are also signed up to their Approved Operator scheme which gives us access to keeper records in order to enforce private parking tickets.

The laws on private parking enforcement have changed very recently with the ban on wheel clamping & towing coming into force. We have been carrying out the management and enforcement for car parks and private land that range from 1 to 10,000 spaces throughout the country for the last 10 years using the proven alternative to clamping. Our satisfied customers range from small business to large concerns such as Newcastle Airport & Wembley City Estates.

Parking Patrol is a fully-manned parking control system issued and enforced by us, with no cost to your business. The Problem Park Kit, is an alternative solution: issued by you, enforced by us, with financial compensation for your business. If you are unsure exactly what is right for your problem, our parking solutions will outline exactly what we can do for you.