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How Your Car Park Benefit From An ANPR Parking System


Automation is making the world a better place one innovation at a time. It has transformed the way we manage businesses, transport, and even our homes. This technology makes achieving our goals faster and easier. We can use our skills to do more important things if we’re not bogged down by repetitive tasks. ANPR (automated number plate recognition) and vehicle access technologies have revolutionized parking solution industries as much as any other. ANPR Systems have seen some exciting changes in recent years.
Through closed-circuit televisions and cameras, ANPR collects data using optical character recognition. Law enforcement teams around the world use the technology to track traffic and check vehicle registrations because it’s so accurate. By registering vehicles within seconds, ANPR has eliminated bottlenecks in the parking industry. With gateless entry, your security strategy is more efficient without incurring greater overhead costs. Contrary to popular belief, it can make your facilities safer than ever before.

How it Works

We will keep this brief as we have covered How ANPR Works in another blog post. By using optical character recognition, ANPR reads the number plates and records their location. Place ANPR cameras at the entrances and exits of your facility to monitor all vehicular activity. Parking Charge Notices can be issued using automation to those who abuse the parking facilities.

How Can Your Car Park Benefit From ANPR

In addition to parking charge notices, ANPR is now being used in busy car parks. An ANPR system can provide real-time information on the number of free spaces to the parking management company owner, as they can monitor the use of every parking space. As a result, motorists are less likely to drive around parking lots looking for a spot. In fact, some car parks can even direct motorists to free parking spaces.

Also, it can be used to monitor parking violations, such as:

  • Those who park carelessly.
  • in disabled spaces.
  • Ensuring the correct use of electric vehicle bays.

Automated, Tickless, and Online Payments

The use of ANPR is now moving beyond enforcement to being a key component of automated payment systems. Customers can associate their vehicle with a payment method through these applications. Based on your parking period, it will calculate your payment using ANPR.
Cashless and online payments are replacing many traditional methods of payment. The apps used by these services are not vulnerable to being broken into for their cash. In addition, it allows the motorist to pay for more parking without having to rush back to the car park for another ticket. As ANPR is increasingly incorporated into a wider range of parking, payment, and enforcement systems, it will only grow in use over the coming years.

Improved Access Control:

ANPR is now used by many organizations to monitor access to their private parking facilities. By verifying that the car number plate is on a permitted “whitelist” the ANPR camera system grants access to their car park. Businesses with limited parking spaces can use this to eradicate unauthorized parking.
Another benefit to businesses using ANPR parking systems is improved security in their private car parks. The cameras used for ANPR can be linked back to a remote surveillance office where operators are watching all activity at that location. This allows for immediate response if an incident does occur within the car park.


ANPR is a powerful, cost-effective solution for parking. So what are you waiting for?
If you’re looking for a more efficient and secure way to manage your car park, an ANPR parking system is the answer. Our systems are easy to use and can be adapted to suit your specific needs – so contact us today to find out how our system can help your car park run more efficiently and make better use of space!

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