Everyone who has ever parked in a car park has faced similar frustrations at some point. Poor signage, inefficient entry and exit systems, and narrow spaces are prime examples of this. There are some issues that may be related to car park operators looking to maximise profit, but this is definitely not the only reason. When customers experience such frustrations in a car park, they are quite likely not to return.

Car parks are primarily used to generate profit for owners, so repeat business is important. As drivers, we must admit that car park operators have a hard job, especially when it comes to car parking enforcement. The good news is that there are a number of options that can help make your car park a lot more efficient, and a more enjoyable space for both employees and customers. Here are five ways to improve the parking experience for customers and ensure you get the repeat business you’re aiming for.

1. Look at The Layout of Your Car Park

To start with, you should look at the type of customers who use your car park and when they use it. Assess how existing spaces are used, and if all of them are absolutely necessary. It may seem counterproductive to take out some spaces, but in reality, it can actually be a real benefit. It is not necessarily true that fewer spaces will result in lower revenue. By gaining a reputation as an easy-to-use and convenient space, your car park is sure to attract more car owners.

2. If Possible Install ANPR Cameras

There is obviously a cost associated with ANPR cameras, but we believe the benefits they bring outweigh that initial outlay. An ANPR camera system is a great way to reduce congestion that is often caused by barriers. ANPR, or Automatic Number Plate Recognition, is a barrier-free way to control access and exit from your car park, as well as to detect drivers who fail to pay. With ANRR, parking can be monitored centrally, eliminating the need for attendants in many cases. By installing ANPR technology, your car park will also become more secure and, let’s face it, we all want our vehicles to be safe when we leave them there.

3. Prioritise Safety

You should put improving the safety of your parking lot at the top of your list. Layout optimisation is one way to accomplish this. Less congestion will, undoubtedly, help reduce the risk of accidents. You should also ensure that you take care to keep your car park’s surfaces in good condition and free of potholes by carrying out regular maintenance. You need to clearly display speed limits to deter reckless driving and speeding.

4. Introduce Automated Payment Systems

People don’t always have the necessary change to pay for parking as we move towards a cashless society. The usage of credit and debit cards, and more recently smartphones pay for parking, has become commonplace. So, you will make parking much more convenient for drivers if you install an automated payment system. There are now apps available that enable drivers to pay for parking using their phones if you have ANPR cameras.

5. Do Everything you Can to Keep Congestion to a Minimum

Due to circumstances outside your control, it may be impossible to completely eliminate congestion, but you can do your best to reduce it. In your car park, a build-up of cars and difficulty of access may adversely affect its usability, so try and keep entry and exit points clear, bays clearly marked, and directional signs clearly visible wherever possible.

Hopefully, the points we have highlighted above will be helpful to you when managing your car park and ensuring that your business runs efficiently and smoothly.