About us

An introduction to our company

We are a national car park management company, specialising in alternative parking enforcement developed over the last 10 years as the total solution to “parking problems”. The systems we operate are so diverse and flexible that they can be adapted to any size car park from 1 bay to 10,000 bays, from permit schemes to total no parking enforcement.


Unlike many parking enforcement companies, we have never been involved in wheel clamping. We instead designed a system that is a much less confrontational solution, achieved by issuing enforceable parking tickets to any vehicles that fail to meet the requirements that the site manager or owner dictates.


This system has been proved successful in achieving very quick results in solving parking problems way before the ban on wheel clamping came into force.


We may not be the biggest and we won’t send sales people round in suits or baffle you with legal jargon but we do pride ourselves on providing an honest service and no nonsense approach to our customers needs. Our customers range from your local shopkeeper and pub landlords with small car parks to large concerns such as Newcastle Airport and Wembley Estates. All have benefited from our successful parking enforcement solutions by deterring and eradicating unlawful parking on their land in a non-confrontational, ethical and legal manner.


Please click here to view our ethical and legal policies.


The following is a small selection of current clients we are proud to do business with:

  • Newcastle Airport
  • Wembley City Estates
  • The O2 Arena
  • The Stamford Shopping Centre
  • Ashton Pioneer Homes
  • Lichfield Cathedral
  • Manchester Student Village
  • Dulux Decorator Centres
  • Chatham Maritime Trust
  • Rackhams
  • Arundel Castle
  • Manchester Aquatics Centre
  • Network Rail