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Parking Patrol’s ANPR systems are a 24/7 solution for car parks of all kinds. Our nationwide ANPR works 365 days a year, in all weather conditions. For reliable, 24/7 car park protection, choose an ANPR system!


Thanks to Automatic Number Plate Recognition, your car park doesn’t need on-site staff to manage it. Wherever your car park is located in the UK, an ANPR system will enable you to reduce the number of operators and avoid confrontations.


Our intelligent ANPR car park systems use wireless 3G/4G signals to submit data. This means you don’t need on-site servers or groundwork, and all data is transmitted to our office systems live. ANPR is reliable, and affordable. 


At Parking Patrol, we offer real-time statistics and reporting to help you better understand your customers’ behaviour. If you’re looking for real-time car park reporting, call today for more information on ANPR parking systems anywhere in the UK.

ANPR Systems Manchester
ANPR Parking Systems Manchester
ANPR For Car Parks Manchester



At Parking Patrol, we offer a complete range of Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems and services. Our experienced team can design and install an ANPR car park system to suit your property’s bespoke needs. Some of the key benefits of our ANPR systems include but are not limited to:


  • 24/7 Service – ANPR Systems operate around the clock to provide complete car park security and protection. To provide comprehensive protections for your car park, call Parking Patrol’s experienced team today.
  • Staff-Free Solution – The ANPR System is completely automated. As such, it doesn’t require personnel or wardens to be present; this is easier on your employees, saves money and is far less confrontational.
  • High-Tech 3G / 4G ANPR Camera Systems – Parking Patrol use only the latest in 3G / 4G ANPR camera systems across the UK. These systems do not require groundworks or on-site services, leading to quick installation and long-term reliability.
  • Non-Confrontational Solution – ANPR Systems for car parks remains one of the most non-confrontational options available for all kinds of parking facilities. PCNs are sent via post, rather than placed on the vehicle, leading to non-confrontational solutions to all unauthorised parking.
  • Real-Time Statistics – Thanks to our reliable services, you’ll receive real-time statistics, analytics and data via your secure client web portal. These reports offer insights into your customers’ actions and their behaviour in your facility.
  • Low-Powered Cameras & Eco-Friendly ANPR Systems – At Parking Patrol, we offer a wide range of eco-friendly cameras and complete systems.
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Here at Parking Patrol, we can provide a complete range of ANPR Systems to suit your needs. If you’re looking for specialist ANPR parking systems anywhere in the UK, in addition to quick and effective installation and long-term management, we are here for you.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team today. We deal with ANPR systems for a wide range of industries, including hotels and resorts. You can reach our experts directly by calling us on 0370 720 3807. If you prefer, you can also use our simple contact form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About ANPR Systems

    What Does an ANPR System Check?

    An ANPR system, or Automatic Number Plate Recognition system, is a camera-based technology that can automatically read and record the number plates of vehicles. These systems are commonly used by law enforcement agencies to track and monitor illicit or illegal activity. However, they can also be used for other purposes, such as monitoring traffic flow, collecting tolls and assisting with car park management. When a vehicle passes an ANPR camera, the licence plate is photographed and the image is then processed by software that extracts the plate number. This information can then be checked against a database of known vehicle registrations. This allows the system to quickly and easily identify vehicles that may be of interest. In addition, ANPR systems can also be used to track stolen vehicles or to enforce parking tickets.

    What Are the Advantages of ANPR?

    Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) is a technology that uses optical character recognition to read vehicle registration plates. It can be used for various purposes, including law enforcement, security, traffic management and within parking facilities. ANPR systems can be used to monitor vehicle movement, track stolen vehicles, and enforce parking and toll violations. One of the main advantages of ANPR is that it is highly accurate. The system can quickly and easily read even the most obscured or illegible registration plates. Additionally, ANPR systems are typically very fast, able to capture hundreds of licence plate images per minute. This makes them an effective tool for monitoring large areas such as highways or busy car parks.

    What is ANPR Technology?

    This cutting-edge parking technology allows parking facility operators to manage their parking operations more effectively. ANPR uses cameras to capture the number plate of every vehicle that enters or exits the car park. The system then uses this information to keep track of parking spaces, identify vehicles that have been parked for too long, and enforce parking rules and regulations. In addition, ANPR parking systems can also be used to collect data on vehicle traffic patterns, which can be used to improve the flow of traffic in and out of a parking facility. As a result, ANPR parking technology is an essential tool for any parking facility operator who wants to improve the efficiency of their operation.

    Can ANPR Read Black Number Plates?

    Many people are concerned about ANPR’s ability to read black number plates. While it is true that black number plates can be more difficult to read, most ANPR systems are designed to handle a wide range of plate colours and styles. In addition, many parking enforcement agencies now use mobile ANPR units, which can be moved to different areas as needed and provide a clear view of the parking spaces. As a result, there is no need to worry about black number plates; parking enforcement officials will still be able to issue PCN based on the number plate.

    What Triggers ANPR Cameras?

    ANPR cameras are typically triggered when a vehicle enters or leaves a parking space. The camera will record the licence plate number and use it to generate a parking ticket if needed. In some cases, the camera may also take a photo of the vehicle to help enforcement officers identify it. While ANPR cameras are most commonly used for parking enforcement, they can also be used for other purposes, such as tracking stolen vehicles or monitoring traffic flow. In any case, ANPR cameras are an essential tool for keeping parking areas safe and orderly.

    Does ANPR Work at Night?

    One common question about ANPR is whether the system can work at night. The answer is yes, ANPR cameras are designed to work in all lighting conditions, including low light and darkness. This is because the cameras use infrared lighting, which is invisible to the human eye but allows the camera to take clear images even in dimly lit or dark areas. As a result, ANPR is an effective tool for parking enforcement.

    What is LPR?

    LPR, or Licence Plate Recognition, is a parking enforcement system that uses cameras to automatically capture the licence plate number of vehicles and match them to a database. The system is typically used in parking garages and parking lots, where it can quickly and efficiently identify vehicles that have not paid for parking or have exceeded their parking time limit. LPR can also be used to enforce handicapped parking restrictions. In some cases, LPR systems are also used to issue parking tickets automatically, without the need for a parking enforcement officer to be present.

    What is the difference between ANPR and LRP?

    There are two technologies to consider if you want to regain control over your parking area. One is ANPR, and the other is LPR. How do they differ? ANPR, or automatic number plate recognition, uses cameras to capture images of licence plates. This information is then fed into a database that can be used to track parking violations. LPR, or licence plate recognition, is similar but also includes the use of specialised software to identify licence plates. This software can be used to identify stolen vehicles or wanted criminals. Both ANPR and LRP are effective ways of tracking vehicles.


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    Over the years, Parking Patrol have delivered a complete service to all kinds of parking facilities across the UK. Whether you’re looking to protect your arena, retail park, international airport or local business from unauthorised parking and misuse, call Parking Patrol’s experienced team today!



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