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ANPR Parking Solutions For Accomodation Establishments

Hotels, resorts and guest houses are all in the business of customer service. The customer’s experience is paramount, and every effort is exerted to ensure they have a pleasant stay. Part of providing good customer service is making sure that guests feel safe and secure during their stay. That’s where ANPR Systems at Parking Patrol comes in to play. Call our team today.

Hotel ANPR Systems

Parking Patrol has a wide range of ANPR systems for many applications, including car parks. These systems are the ideal for the hotel sector. They can be used to help secure parking facilities and can also be used to enforce parking restrictions and reduce the risk of fraud.

After a long day of work (or play) you just want to go to your hotel and feel secure and welcomed. But with the increase in crime, many hotels are struggling with who is let into the hotel and who is not. This leads to longer lines and more frustration. ANPR cameras allow the hotel to check the legitimacy of any car that is entering their car park. This means they are able to make sure that they are getting customers and not criminals, which improves the safety of the other guests and allows the hotel to function more smoothly. Plus, guests are more likely to return, which is good for the hotel.

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B&B ANPR Systems

ANPR systems are becoming increasingly popular in the Bed and Breakfast industry. They provide a number of benefits that help to improve the overall guest experience.
At Parking Patrol, we offer a range of different ANPR solutions for B&B businesses of all sizes. For smaller B&B’s, there are systems that can be deployed at most car parks to reduce overspill and improve the way you manage your car parking. For a larger, more complex and busy B&B we have a range of systems that can provide detailed information about the vehicles and customers visiting your business.

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Guest House ANPR Systems

At Parking Patrol, we have a range of different ANPR solutions that can be tailored to the specific needs of your guest house.

Guest houses are often small, family-run businesses. They need to provide a high level of service in order to compete with larger hotels. An ANPR system can automate many processes and improve the overall guest experience. Guest houses have a lower budget for technology than hotels, so an ANPR system that is easy to install, configure and use is a cheaper alternative to the software from larger companies. By automating processes, like checking in the guest, guest houses can save time, money and provide a better experience for the customer.

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Holiday Home & Caravan Park ANPR Systems

There are a range of reasons why a holiday park deciding to install an ANPR system can be beneficial. First, it will stop unscrupulous drivers who are looking to abuse the parking facilities. It will also provide the business with a way to collect data and improve their customer experience. It’s an easy step to take to ensure that people are getting the most out of their holiday!

By using an ANPR system, holiday home and caravan park owners can install a camera on their complex and assign a unique number to every customer’s vehicle. If any customers do not pay then staff can simply look up their unique number and send them a bill. It is important to note that the ANPR system is a legal way of dealing with customers that do not pay.

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