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What is Car Park Management?

Car park management is the use of different strategies employed by local councils and private companies to encourage more efficient use of car parking spaces. Effective car park management can make the parking experience significantly better for users, as well as making commercial car parks much more profitable.Good car park management will almost certainly lead to an improved service encouraging patrons to return on a regular basis.

How Do You Manage a Car Park?

Successful car park management relies on several key factors. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Layout: Ensure that the car park layout is designed for easy access and exit. Spaces should be easily and safely accessible for customers, allowing for convenient parking.
  • Payment System: Implement an effective payment system that accommodates different payment methods. In today’s cashless society, providing options for card or mobile payments is essential to cater to a wider range of customers.
  • Signage: Clear and up-to-date signage is crucial to communicate parking charges and regulations effectively. Make sure the signage is easily visible and provides concise instructions to ensure customers are aware of the parking rules and can navigate the space safely.

By addressing these factors, businesses can enhance their car park management and provide a better parking experience for their customers.

How Do You Manage a Private Car Park?

When you manage a private car park it differs slightly from a council owned facility. Local authority car parks are monitored by enforcement officers employed by local councils or government departments. Whereas in the case of private car parks, the responsibility of collecting charges or issuing penalty notices falls upon the owner or management company. This may be through the employment of car park attendants or the use of CCTV cameras. Most other aspects of private car park management and local authority are similar with layout, safety and ease of use at the forefront of operating a successful and profitable facility. 

Why Should Business Invest in Car Park Management?

  • Increased Demand: With the continual increase in the number of vehicles on the road, car parking spaces, especially in the city, are at a premium.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Providing a stress-free parking experience for customers and staff can lead to long-term benefits.
  • Enhanced Security: Good car park management contributes to improved security measures, ensuring the safety of vehicles and individuals.
  • Space Optimisation: Effective management allows businesses to make the most of available parking space.
  • Financial Benefits: There are obvious financial  benefits to operating a successful car park as ease of parking plays an important part in encouraging consumers to use your space or business time and time again. 

Can a Private Company Enforce a Parking Fine?

While parking fines issued by private car park management companies are not legally enforceable, failure to pay could well result in you being taken to small claims court. When this happens, if the court finds you are liable for the cost, that charge and all associated costs then become legally enforceable. This means that failure to pay could result in the cost escalating and visits from bailiffs. It is always better to respond to correspondence relating to your parking fine even if it is to register a dispute. Ignoring parking fines could lead to you incurring much larger costs. 

Do We Issue Parking Tickets?

Parking tickets or penalty charge notices are usually issued by parking enforcement officers and are legally enforceable if you fail to pay them. These tickets are issued for parking illegally on the highways or council owned facilities. Parking charge notices differ in that they will be issued by car park management companies for parking infringements when on private car parks. These tickets are not legally enforceable, however the management company could take you to the small claims court for unpaid charges. If the court finds you are liable for the cost, that decision then becomes legally enforceable and is likely to increase due to the addition of costs. 

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