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Most of the parking enforcement systems we operate are based on contract law. By parking and ignoring the warning signs, the motorist has entered into a contract to pay a parking charge notice. Since the introduction of the Protections of Freedoms Act, the vehicle keeper can become liable for a parking charge notice if they refuse to disclose who the driver was. The law regarding parking tickets on private land was further strengthened in 2015 with the Supreme Court’s decision in the Parking Eye vs Beavis case, finally blowing the myth that you do not have to pay parking tickets issued on private land.

The International Parking Community

The International Parking Community are the fastest growing association representing the car park management industry in the UK. Their code of practice, which all members must sign up and adhere to, has been developed over several years and constantly raised standards across the industry. Members of their Accredited Operators Scheme must go through stringent checks and regular inspections. They are the only association that audits every document, sign and site in use by their members to ensure legality and compliance with the code.

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Please do NOT contact us using the form below if you are appealing a parking ticket, all appeals must go through:

    Protection of Data

    After we have obtained the vehicles keeper details from the DVLA we cannot disclose these as we cannot disclose the site owners’ details to motorists. We are registered with the Information Commissioner and adhere to the General UK Data Protection Regulations.


    The Parking Charge is a standardised £100 reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days. If the charge remains unpaid after 28 days, we can obtain the keeper details from the DVLA and send out a notice to keeper. If the charge remains unpaid after our letters, we work with one of the country’s leading debt recovery companies that specialise in collecting unpaid parking enforcement notices. Following this process all charges that are still unpaid are pursued through the courts by our Legal partners BW Legal  who have been very successful in obtaining County Court Judgements against non-payers.


    If the motorist feels that they shouldn’t have received a parking charge notice, they can send in an appeal that will be considered by one of our experienced parking appeals handlers. All appeals are investigated, and decisions are made based on the evidence supplied. Should the motorist not be happy with the decision, they can appeal to the Independent Appeals Service which is a completely independent service set up for the public.