Ethics & The law

Lawful Issue

Most of the parking enforcement systems we operate are based on contract law. By parking and ignoring the warning signs, the motorist has entered into a contract to pay a parking ticket charge. Unlike before the introduction of the Protections of Freedoms Act the vehicle keeper can now become liable for a parking charge notice if they refuse to disclose who the driver was. The law regarding parking tickets on private land has been recently strengthened with the Supreme Courts decision in the Parking Eye vs Bevis case late last year.


The Independent Parking Committee’s  Accredited Operators Scheme

The Independent Parking Committee are the fastest growing association representing the car park management industry in the UK. Members of their Accredited Operators Scheme have to go through stringent checks and regular inspections. They are the only association that audits every document, sign and site in use by their members to ensure legality. UK Parking Patrol are new members with this association but were previously members of the British Parking Associations Approved Operators Scheme since its inception and can boast a 100% clean record within both schemes.


Protection of Data

After we have extracted the offenders’ details from the DVLA, we cannot disclose these, as we cannot disclose the site owners’ details to offenders. This is under the Data Protection Act 1988.



The Parking Charge is a standardised £100 reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days. If the charge remains unpaid within 28 days, we can obtain the keeper details from the DVLA and send out a notice to keeper. For persistent non payers, we work with one of the country’s leading debt recovery companies that specialise in collecting unpaid parking enforcement notices and have been very successful in obtaining CCJ’s against non-payers.


Appeals from Offenders

If the motorist feels that they shouldn’t have received a parking charge notice, they can send in an appeal that will be considered by one of our experienced parking enforcement staff. All appeals are looked into and decisions are made based on the evidence supplied. Should the motorist not be happy with the decision, they can appeal to the Independent Appeals Service which is an completely independent service set up for the public.



We believe that you should have the choice to run your land as you wish so once a parking ticket has been issued, the land owner/ manager has the right to cancel any parking tickets issued within 28 days free of charge.


Compensatory Payments

Only available with the Problem Park System NOT Patrols.
Each paid Parking Charge Ticket issued by YOU will result in a compensatory payment of £10 back to you. This is to cover any resource costs incurred and aim towards providing you with a solution that is paid for by the offenders and not by YOU the sufferer.