Is it legal?

Yes, the parking enforcement system is completely legal and is based on contract law. As long as there are sufficient notices in place, if the motorist decides to park and ignore the notices, they are entering into a contract to pay a parking charge. The laws on private parking control have been further strengthened recently with the introduction of the Protections of Freedoms Act which can now make the vehicle keeper liable if they do not disclose who was driving the vehicle at the time.  The law regarding parking tickets on private land has been recently strengthened with the Supreme Courts decision in the Parking Eye vs Bevis case late last year.


How do you obtain vehicle licensing details from the DVLA?

As members of the Independent Parking Committees Accredited Operator Scheme, we are granted access to keeper details as long as we keep to the strict rules in place. We are subject to regular audits by the IPC and the DVLA to ensure we are fully compliant.


Informal agreement

A simple term for arranging reduced payments to creditors.


What if you or I issue a parking charge then choose to cancel it for whatever reason?

No problem. As long as you let us know within 28 days, it will be done, no questions asked and without charge. If the charge is over 28 days a small charge may apply.


Do I have to pay for extra signs, tickets e.t.c.?

Parking charge tickets are supplied free of charge as are replacement parking enforcement signs. Further polite warning notices and extra permits are available for a small fee.


Is there a minimum amount of parking charge tickets that have to be issued?

No It’s totally up to you. The Problem Park system is a deterrent to be used as you see fit.


What methods do you use to collect the parking charges?

At all times the collection of parking ticket charges is carried out totally within the law and is processed through our own collections team, our debt recovery agents and the small claims court.


Will my details ever be disclosed to the motorist?

No, we treat every case with the utmost discretion. Likewise, we will never disclose the motorists identity to you. We are bound by the Data Protection Act with which we are registered.


Are there any ongoing charges following my initial set-up?

No. We do not charge any monthly or yearly fee.


What size are the contractual warning signs?

Our standard parking enforcement signs measure 45cm X 45cm and are made from correx which is a light, flexible plastic. We also produce custom signs in a number of different sizes and materials to suit your individual needs.