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With the Problem Park Kit, you are in complete control of your parking spaces. We will supply you with a parking enforcement kit, tailored to suit your business’ bespoke needs. Whether you’re looking to enable parking for permit holders, customers or staff, we are here for you. We can also prevent vehicles from parking on your property completely.

The parking enforcement signs that we provide are normally enough to deter unwanted parkers. However, if any drivers do choose to ignore them, you’ll simply be able to issue a Parking Charge Notice (PCN). Just take a digital photograph of the vehicle, send the details to our experienced team, and your job is done! Our experienced team will compensate you for each parking ticket paid, and take over the enforcement of the fine.

Please refer to our dedicated Problem Park Kit page for additional information. Altentavley get in touch with our experienced team today!

The Problem Park Kit

The Problem Park Kit is an alternative solution: issued by you, enforced by us.



What are Parking Solutions?

Car parking solutions are the methods used to help regulate parking and assist traffic flow, while improving safety and making the car parking experience easier for road users. Car park solutions automated or otherwise can be used to optimise parking space, make processes more efficient and maximise profit for owners. Some of the parking solutions that have made car parks more efficient include:

  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Automated Pay Stations
  • Clear Concise Signage
  • Pay By Phone Options
  • Automatic Barrier Control
  • ANPR Systems

How do Parking Solutions Help Manage Parking Spaces?

There are a number of ways that parking solutions can help manage parking spaces which include. 

  • Providing accessible spaces for disabled drivers or mothers with small children.
  • Limiting parking time in certain areas to accommodate motorists only looking to park for a short time.
  • Car park solutions can keep you up to date with available space to help avoid congestion.
  • Limit or stop on-street parking to help improve traffic flow and reduce the chance of accidents.

Employing the correct bespoke parking solutions can help ensure spaces are used correctly and allow proprietors to get the most out of their car park. 

What are the Different Types of Car Park Solutions Available?

There are a wide range of parking solutions on the market today. Long gone are the days where you handed your cash to a car park attendant sitting in a hut. The majority of car parks now have automated systems which have made car park management significantly more efficient. Some of the most effective Parking solutions include:

  • ANPR Cameras
  • Automated Pay Stations
  • Clear Concise Signage
  • Pay By Mobile Options
  • Automatic Barrier Control

Can Parking Solutions be Customised to Meet Specific Requirements?

Yes, car parking solutions can be customised to meet the requirements of the particular car park. Bespoke parking solutions will help make your car park a much more efficient and usable space. This will in turn encourage people to use your car park making it much more profitable. Find out how Parking Patrol can create a bespoke parking solution for you by contacting us today. 

How do Parking Solutions Improve the Overall Parking Experience?

Implementing parking solutions definitely improves the overall parking experience for motorists. Some of the ways that the parking experience is enhanced are outlined below: 

  • Reduces Waiting Time – it does this by removing queues both and entrances and exits and payment stations.
  • Improves Security – The use of surveillance cameras and access control systems gives users peace of mind that their treasured car will be safe while parked on your facility.
  • Better Traffic Management – The use of cameras allows the management company to monitor spaces allowing traffic to flow better and reducing congestion.

The parking management system improves the user experience for customers. Parking spots are easily located, payments can be made, and customers can exit the parking lot without any hassle. As a result, customer satisfaction and loyalty are improved.

What Technologies are Used in Parking Solutions?

The use of technology has become an integral part of car parking. There is no doubt that since its inception, technology has transformed the parking experience for both car park owners and motorists. Some of the technology now employed includes:

  • ANPR Cameras
  • Automated Barrier Control 
  • Bay Sensors 
  • Mobile Phone Apps
  • Cashless Pay Stations 

Are Parking Solutions Scalable for Different Sized Parking Facilities?

Yes, parking solutions can be adapted for use in any size car parking facility. Despite understanding the importance of tailored parking solutions for large facilities, people question their necessity for smaller spaces. However, car parks of all sizes share similar requirements. Implementing parking solutions enhances user-friendliness and profitability, regardless of the space’s scale.

What are the Benefits of Implementing a Parking Solution for Businesses and Organisations?

There are numerous benefits associated with implementing parking solutions in your business or organisation. Putting parking solutions such as ANPR cameras and access control systems in place will not only improve security by preventing unauthorised parking and denying access to unwanted visitors but will also make it easier for your staff to enter and exit the car park. The ability to monitor car park use will also lead to more efficient usage and a better parking experience for all concerned. 

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