Parking Solutions

Parking Patrol

We can offer a patrol service which is designed for any piece of private land that is plagued with unauthorised vehicles. Once the free warning signs are erected, this will be a very effective way of keeping offenders at bay and without using any of your own company’s resources. What’s more, there is absolutely no cost to your business. Click here for more information.


Problem Park Kit

With the Problem Park Kit, you are in total control or your parking spaces. We will supply you with a parking enforcement kit tailored to suit your business, whether you want your parking areas for permit holders, customers or staff or just want no vehicles to park there at all. The provided parking enforcement signs usually deter most unwanted parkers, but if any drivers choose to ignore them you simply issue a parking charge notice (PCN), take a digital photograph of the vehicle, send the details to us and your job is done. You will receive compensation for each parking ticket paid. Click here for more information.


Tailor-made Solutions

We are able to offer a tailor made solution whatever your parking enforcement needs may be. These include:


  • Pay & Display
  • Residents only parking
  • Customers only whilst visiting the premises
  • Loading & Unloading only
  • Maximum stay
  • One off event parking
  • Private / access roads
  • Staff only parking
  • Absolute no parking


We have put together tailor made parking enforcement solutions for many of our current clients including:


Newcastle Airport – Tickets issued via cctv to drivers of cars unloading in unauthorised areas.


Wembley City Estates – Tickets issued by Wembley estate security to unauthorised vehicles parked in the Wembley complex.


Manchester Student Village – Patrols carried out by our wardens to pay & display & student permit car parks throughout the student villages.


Network Rail – Patrols carried out by our wardens throughout the various railway properties around Manchester.
Arundel Castle – Pay & display enforcement system supplied for the busy south coast castle’s visitors car park.
We can custom design signs that include your company logo and any special requirements you may have.
Please telephone our office and speak to one of our experienced staff members on 08707 203807 to discuss your requirements.


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