Problem Park Kit

Issued by you, enforced by us


With the Problem Park kit, you are in total control of your parking spaces. After signing our license agreement, you erect the signs around your parking areas, issue permits to all authorised vehicles, and then if a vehicle is not displaying a valid parking permit and is parked in your parking area, simply issue a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) and take a digital photograph of the vehicle.


If you decide to issue any parking ticket charges, then simply send, fax or email the top copy and the picture to us and we will enforce the charge at no extra cost to you. At all times the enforcement of the charge is carried out within the law.


Once we have received payment, we will pay you a compensatory payment of £10.00 per parking ticket charge. This will be paid to you at the end of every month.


If you issue a parking charge and then decide to cancel it, this will be done free of charge and without reason as long as it is within 28 days of issue. If you cancel any charge after the 28 days it can still be implemented but a £20.00 administration charge will apply.


This is the total parking solution in a box. For a one-off cost of £95 including delivery, we will dispatch your Problem Park Solution. We have a wide range of signs available to suit the particular requirements of your site whether it be Permits, customers or no parking at all. Please call to discuss your requirements.


Problem Park Kit comprises of:

  • 5 large Warning To Driver signs.
  • 25 PCN parking tickets.
  • 15 parking permits.
  • Full support from our enforcement office.
  • £10 compensation for each paid parking charge paid back to you each month
  • Operating guide
  • Full installation instructions


To order, please call 0370 720 3807 and speak to one of our experienced staff members or you can order securely online using the link below.

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