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We can offer a patrol service which is designed for areas either large in size or those that suffer particularly badly from prohibited parking. What’s more, it is simply as a way of keeping offenders away once the warning signs are erected, without using any of your own company’s resources.


After a site evaluation, we will erect our contractual warning signs at suitable locations as to allow each driver entering the site a clear view of the terms that the particular site has in force.


Once sufficient warning has been given, our patrols will then issue a parking charge to any vehicle that is parked ignoring the warning signs. Should the driver return to the vehicle whilst a ticket is being written, the ticket will be cancelled and the driver will be reminded of the parking regulations in place.


Depending on the size of the problem, we may start with several patrols a day. You should start to see a reduction in parking problems straight away but we’ll liaise with you to find out any particular times when the problem is at its worst.


ou will also have the facility to call us out if you notice any unauthorised parkers on your site. We will provide you with an out of hours number that you can contact us on from 7am up until midnight 7 days a week.


All our patrol operatives are uniformed and wear high visibility jackets and carry I.D. cards.


Our patrol service is currently covering the North West of England but we are currently expanding to other areas. Why not give us a call to see if we can cover your site.


Why is there no Charge?

Parking Patrol generates revenue by the administration of parking charge tickets. This means that you do not pay for the problem to be solved, the offenders do!


Call 0370 720 3807 now or click here to request a full parking patrol information pack.


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